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Little India Plaza, the much awaited commercial development that caters to Surrey’s growing South Asian community, is due to arrive at the end of 2015. This new commercial development, situated in the heart of Surrey’s Indo-Canadian community on the corner of 80th Avenue and 128th Street is primed to become Vancouver’s new South Asian tourist destination.

Currently the second largest city in British Columbia, Surrey has experienced consistent population growth over the past 10 years. It has become a desirable living location for those seeking opportunity outside of Vancouver and for new immigrants. With an average of 800 new residents arriving monthly and projected population growth of 300,000 new residents over the next 30 years, you cannot miss this exclusive opportunity to be one of the first new businesses in this rapidly growing neighbourhood.

What Investing in Little India Plaza Means for You?

As a local business owner or entrepreneur you are provided with a unique ooportunity to be the founder of a new go-to destination, be one of the first businesses in the area to provide retail services to the existing industrial community and contribute to the economic growth of the area.

Little India Plaza is accessible by bus, bike, foot and car. With a combined average of 37,700 vehicles per day utilizing 80th Avenue and 128th Street and approximately 28,000 people working within the area this new development promises a high level of business exposure and traffic.

Unlike many other neighbourhoods in the area that only allow for industrial development, Little India Plaza is the first of it’s kind to be approved for ‘Comprehensive Zoning’. This means that a wide variety of commercial businesses area able to move into this new hub.

The Development

Little India Plaza is a five building, two level commercial development designed by DF Architecture Inc. and developed by Wales McLelland Construction in conjunction with Northwest Development Ltd.

Everything from the lighting to the bike stands has been meticulously thought through and designed with functionality and beauty in mind. Accessible by bus numbers 323 & 393, by foot, car and bike this development is designed to provide businesses with maximum exposure and traffic there will be no shortage of opportunity.

In addition to being situated in a high traffic area Little India Plaza, as the name suggests, is also located in the heart of Newton’s South Asian community. Primed to become a thriving tourist destination. This new development presents a unique opportunity that can’t be missed by any Indo-Canadian entrepreneurs who are looking to develop a successful business.

The building will be constructed to the highest level of commercial standards with included features such as: